ORION Leader Kush Joins Scottsdale Bond Campaign Committee

Article originally posted on HERE on June 20, 2019

Larry Kush, senior vice president of ORION Investment Real Estate’s land division, has joined the Scottsdale bond campaign’s steering committee.

The bond campaign favors three Scottsdale bond measures planned to make community investments throughout Scottsdale to benefit residents, according to a press release announcing the appointment of Mr. Kush to the committee.

Mike Norton, political action committee co-chairperson, stated that he asked Mr. Kush to join the PAC Steering Committee since he is “pretty straight forward.”

“He’s a recognized community leader. He speaks directly, bluntly and honestly when asked his thoughts,” said Mr. Norton in a prepared statement. “I admire his willingness to stand his ground and speak his mind. We have that trait in common.”

Mr. Kush is described as a 35-year industry veteran who was previously founder and member of the Citadel Land Advisory Group before joining ORION, headquartered in Scottsdale, the release said.

Active in the real estate industry and community, he serves as planning commissioner for Scottsdale and serves on the Scottsdale Development Review Board. His professional organization affiliations range from the Home Builders Association of Central Arizona to the National Association of Home Builders.

He received his bachelor of arts in design from California State University-Northridge, the release added.

A Vietnam veteran, he attended U.S. Army Engineer School and served as a captain in the U.S. Army, according to the release, noting that Mr. Kush is married, with two children and five grandchildren.