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Chris Cole joined ORION Investment Real Estate as a part of the Multifamily Division within the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area. He specializes in apartment investments and all things pertaining to multifamily.

Chris’ work history consists of retail sales positions. He was a 1099 for J Hilburn, a men’s suiting company based out of Dallas, where he was one of the top salesmen in Arizona. The pinnacle of his retail sales career came when he was hired at Louis Vuitton, a luxury leather goods retailer. Dealing with luxury products and high-end clientele, he was pushed to grow in many ways. Some of the tasks Chris did daily consist of building relationships with new and current clients, along with the managers of other stores. While at Louis Vuitton, he hit and exceeded sales goals every month, and learned the art of multitasking. One of the many things that makes Chris a good salesperson is always putting his clients first. Chris’ gross sales were over two million as a part time employee at Louis Vuitton.

The best way to predict the future, is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln.

Chris was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At the age of six, his family decided to pack everything up and move across the country to Tempe, Arizona. In middle school Chris and his brother realized that there were patios in their apartment complex that appeared neglected. Seeing this need within the community and always taking advantage of opportunities, the ‘Patio Sweeping Brothers’ was created. With their business motto, they made fliers, went door to door, and pitched their abilities to clean and organize neighbor’s patios in exchange for a small fee.  This is a great example of where Chris saw a need and filled it. Realizing his competitive nature, Chris excelled at sports and played all throughout high school, including club. Basketball taught him the value of teamwork.

Chris attended the Art Institute of Phoenix for fashion marketing. During his time there, he learned valuable skills. He became the Vice President of the Fashion Club and organized fashion shows, photoshoots, and networking events. Throughout that time, Chris developed networking skills, sales, and marketing techniques. He prides himself on being open minded and open to learn.

Throughout Chris’ entire experience in client relations, he has come to realize the difference between a good and a great salesperson. It is the willingness to go the extra mile for the client, to provide top tier results, and to not stop until the job is done. His hunger for knowledge sets him apart, as he pushes himself to the next level in his career.

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