Jonathon Shoecraft


Meet Jonathon, a Paradise Valley native who rocked the scene at Arizona State University, achieving both his undergraduate and master’s degrees there in Finance. His love for real estate is in the blood, thanks to his father being a commercial developer in the southwestern United States. Growing up surrounded by blueprints and construction sites, it’s safe to say he’s got a knack for the property game.

Outside the finance hustle, you’ll find Jonathon diving deep into the ocean. He’s a scuba fanatic, drawing parallels between the mysteries underwater and the deal-making in real estate. Oh, and catch him in at a Suns game cheering on Booker and KD – he’s a die-hard fan. Nothing beats the rush of cheering for the Suns and soaking up the game vibes. So, that’s Jonathon for you – balancing finance, a passion for Real Estate, deep-sea adventures, and a whole lot of Suns love.

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