Joseph Dietz

Senior Vice President

After many successful career ventures in the industries of health care and information technology, Joe made the transition to commercial real estate in 2003. His core focus in real estate is multifamily and land transactions. Joe takes pride in providing his investment customers with accurate information, more timely and higher quality service. Joe believes that his success is the inevitable result of sharp focus, hard work, and a full commitment to results.

Joe began his commercial real estate career at Sperry Van Ness. Since then, he has participated in a full scope of commercial transactions, including apartment, condominium, development, land, office, and retail transactions, ranging in price from less than $1M to greater than $100M. In January of 2014, Joe transferred to ORION, which provides a full range of investor and brokerage services. To date, Joe has completed more than $500 million in commercial real estate.

Prior to entering into commercial real estate, Joe’s career experiences were in the health care, pharma and technology. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in the pre-med program at the University of Notre Dame, and then he earned his Master’s degree in health and business administration at the Arizona State University. Upon completion of his graduate studies, Joe participated in an administrator residency with the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale. He did managed care research within the Lincoln Health System, and then moved into director-level management at NDCHealth, which focused in pharmaceutical market research.

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