‘Boutique’ Apartment Building Planned at Camelback Lakes Office Complex

Article originally posted on AZ Central on November 14, 2023

An office building owner in the Camelback corridor is seeking to add a luxury apartment to its site, following a trend of adding infill development to increase a property’s uses.

The office complex, called Camelback Lakes, is on 26th Street and Camelback Road and is proposing to develop a 75-unit apartment complex on the north side of the property, just east of the Hillstone restaurant.

An artist's rendering shows the planned apartment complex that is proposed to replace a parking garage at the Camelback Lakes office complex near 26th Street and Camelback Road.

The area around 24th Street and Camelback has long been one of the major office markets in the city and has attracted a lot of high-end apartments and condo developments.

“We are seeing demand in this area for a lot of uses,” Jason Morris, the zoning attorney for the development project said. The developer of the project is Mainstreet Capital Partners.

Redeveloping a parking garage

The development will include replacing some of the existing parking garage, which is used by employees who work in the office building. The new apartment would include some shared parking for both the apartments and offices, which has become a popular way to get more use out of the lots, which are used by office workers during the day and apartment residents at night.

When the office was built, Morris said, it had an appropriate amount of parking. But now, with people often working from home for portions of the week, and fewer meetings taking place in person, the demand for office parking has changed.