Does COVID-19 Mean The End Of Urbanization? Maybe Not

Article originally posted on HERE on May 19, 2020

There’s a lot of talk right now that the coronavirus pandemic could spell the end of the push for urbanization and centralization we’ve seen in recent years in cities across the country  — including Phoenix.

The reason is pretty simple. Social distancing and staying home is making the suburbs look a little better right now, places where you can have your own backyard and your own space and don’t have to be quarantined inside an apartment.

But, there is also a contingent of urbanists who argue this idea is anything but true.

The Show spoke with urbanist Richard Florida. He’s a co-founder and editor at large of CityLab and a senior editor at the Atlantic, as well as a professor with the University of Toronto. He’s written about this issue recently.

He says density is a factor in the spread of COVID-19 — but there’s a lot more to consider than that.