Fitness Chain Plans Major Expansion in Valley, Nationwide

Article originally posted on Phoenix Business Journal on April 10, 2019
A new Eos Fitness location in north Phoenix.

Phoenix-based gym chain Eos Fitness is increasing its footprint across the Valley as well as preparing to expand into new markets.

Currently the company has 15 locations across metro Phoenix, but Eos continues to lease big box spaces around the Valley and by the end of the year it plans to have around 20 gyms open in Phoenix. Shilpi Sullivan, Eos’ vice president of marketing, told the Business Journal that by the end of 2020 that number will increase to about 30 locations.

Each new Eos Fitness locations requires around 50 to 60 employees, according to Sullivan.

The health and fitness industry is booming right now and Sullivan said Eos’s expansion is really based on demand more than anything else.

“When we open and gym and we see that within less than a year the volume is higher than what the gym can really support, then it’s like ‘OK, let’s find the next spot,’” Sullivan said. “We can open within a couple of miles and support all these people.”

That is exactly what happened with its location on Warner Road and Mclintock Drive in Tempe. Eos had so many people going to that location, there was a need to expand and the company just signed a lease in March to open another gym two miles away on the southeast corner of Ray and Rural roads in Chandler.

Eos is also growing the size of its gym locations.

“In 2015 the model was 30,000 square feet, but every year we’ve gotten larger. Now we are at 40,000 to 50,000 square feet,” Sullivan said. “We aren’t able to keep up.”

Eos, like a number of other big box gym companies including LA Fitness and Planet Fitness, have been able to find spaces to open new locations with ease. As the Business Journal reported in March, there is a demand to have big box gyms fill the large retail spaces left vacant from shutter grocery stores and other brands.

Eos also intends to expand further in Las Vegas and Southern California, where it already has opened some locations. Right now it has about 30 locations around the Southwest and Sullivan said that will grow to 50 by the end of the year. That includes stores in new areas in California such as Orange and Los Angeles counties.

Eos is also looking at expanding into the Tampa, Florida, market because they see opportunity for the brand there. Some of the company’s executives have residences there, Sullivan said.