No To Hospitals: Survey Finds Patients Are Seeking Other Health Care Facilities During Pandemic

Article originally posted on Globe St. on July 2, 2020

Patients are wary of seeking health care at hospitals and prefer to travel to off-campus facilities for treatment in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report released this week.

Health care real estate REIT Physicians Realty Trust commissioned healthcare consultants CVR and Carmichael & Company to conduct the survey in five of their biggest markets—Atlanta, Dallas, Louisville, Minneapolis, and Phoenix—to see how patients are choosing to obtain healthcare during the pandemic.

The survey found that when given a choice, 76.5% of respondents preferred to go to a location not connected to a hospital, like an off-campus medical office. Only 23.5% said they would not mind going to a location attached to a hospital.

These findings were published as the COVID-19 pandemic is sending Americans to hospitals, which could prevent other patients from going there to avoid the virus or taking up resources.

A majority of respondents—53.8%—said if they had to undergo surgery, they’d prefer it to be at a hospital if their doctor recommended them to do so. But 46.2% said they would request the procedure take place at a surgery center away from a hospital.

And 22.6% of respondents said they would not go to the emergency room and handle a medical emergency themselves, a figure the report called “startling.” “Anxiety surrounding hospitals has caused nearly one-fourth of respondents to be more willing to risk their lives than go to the hospital,” the report reads.

The study surveyed 2,018 respondents, with an average margin of error of 2.19% across the markets.

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