Once the Southwest’s Biggest Mall, Metrocenter will be Demolished this Spring

Article originally posted on AZ Central on February 22, 2024

Metrocenter, once the Southwest’s largest indoor mall, has been closed for years. The former mall site is set to be redeveloped, with a handful of large real estate companies preparing to transform the site into an “urban village” focused on housing.

An artist's rendering shows the town center area of the redeveloped Metrocenter Mall site, near Interstate 17 and Peoria Avenue in Phoenix.

When will the mall be demolished?

Demolition of the mall, along with asbestos abatement and site grading is planned to start in the second quarter of the year, and will take roughly 12 months, Steve Betts, a Phoenix-based developer who is working as a consultant to Concord Wilshire, one of the owners of the mall, said.

The mall was built at a time when asbestos was very common in commercial buildings, so the demolition must be done very carefully to remove it safely. Betts said the two-tier mall site, which means the ground is not flat but allowed people to enter on both floors of the mall, also makes the demolition more complicated.