Redevelopment Plans Take Shape for Christown Mall in Phoenix

Article originally posted on Phoenix Business Journal on March 12, 2021

The oldest operating indoor mall in Phoenix, Christown Spectrum, is set for a massive adaptive reuse project, which aims to include office, apartments, retail, entertainment and hotel uses on the 98-acre mall site.

“Christown Spectrum intends to accommodate the full spectrum of business and commerce tenants from the small use tenants looking for quality space with nearby freeway and light-rail accessibility all the way to corporate headquarters in a signature building,” a website created by law firm Earl & Curley, the zoning firm for the project, said. “The residential, hotel, and office components of the development will complement and support the corresponding amenities of retail shopping, restaurants and support services.”

Zoning documents contain several buildout scenarios, but at full buildout the plans include creating a public plaza and paseo through what is the existing mall, demolishing portions and making much of the space open-air.

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