The Human Bean Expanding Its Presence in Arizona

Article originally posted on Commercial Executive Magazine on July 2, 2020

The Human Bean, an Oregon-based franchise coffee restaurant company, is expanding its footprint in Arizona.  Local franchisee Brian Sherrill is in partnership with three family members and they currently own three Valley restaurants with three more in Arizona opening within the next 18 months.

“As restaurants struggle during this pandemic, we have been fortunate that our format overcame the challenges of social distancing,” says Sherrill.  “Our business is primarily drive-thru, with some customers using walk-up service.  We do not offer interior seating, so our business has always been a takeout product.  As such, business has grown during this very difficult time.”

Sherrill, one of two franchisees operating in Greater Phoenix, owns one store in Mesa and two in Phoenix.  He has two new stores currently under construction. The Human Bean at Scottsdale Road and Hancock in Tempe will open in July.  An additional store in Tucson at 22nd and Wilmott will open July 14.

“We have operated in Greater Phoenix for more than two years and are continually looking for additional, high quality locations,” says Sherrill.  “We are expanding our presence in the competitive coffee marketplace here in Arizona.  Our products stand out for their quality, especially our farm-direct, ethically sourced South American coffee.”  The Human Bean also considers its friendly customer service as a major element of its brand, along with the signature chocolate-covered coffee bean placed on the lid of each purchased drink.

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