The Out-of-Home Entertainment Landscape Evolves

Article originally posted on HERE on May 24, 2023


At the outset of the pandemic, out-of-home entertainment attendance came to a screeching halt, says in a new white paper. Now, more than three years later, movies, restaurants and casinos are welcoming patrons once again.

That being said, in comparing 2023 to pre-pandemic days, it’s apparent that much in the space has changed due to shifts in consumer preferences. However, says, “Consumers’ expectations around out-of-home entertainment began to shift well before 2020 with the sharp rise of in-home dining and entertainment. Prior to the pandemic, the increase in usage of food delivery apps and video streaming platforms were already forcing legacy consumer categories to adapt to changing times.” Still, the pandemic has had an undeniable impact.

Titled “Entertainment Evolved: Exploring Movie Theaters, Casinos, and Eatertainment,” the white paper draws on the latest location intelligence data as well as psychographic and demographic insights to uncover the changes taking place in the entertainment space.

The analysis focuses on three out-of-home entertainment categories – movie theaters, casinos, and eatertainment concepts such as Dave & Buster’s – and aims to answer questions such as: How is the theater industry adapting after months of at-home streaming? How are food and fun combining to drive visits? And who is likely to choose a casino vacation in 2023?