Goodyear Takes Next Steps to Make New Downtown a Reality

Article originally posted on AZ Big Media on March 1, 2023

On Monday night, the Goodyear City Council took the next steps to make its future downtown a reality. The council unanimously approved the agreement between key partners of GSQ – the future downtown of Goodyear – and also approved plans that outline in greater detail what the project may look like.

“With each step we take in this project, our dream of an urban, walkable downtown becomes more of a reality,” said Mayor Joe Pizzillo. “This means so much to our residents, and we couldn’t do it without our partners from Globe Corporation.”

“The unanimous approval by the City Council last night gives Globe the green light to move forward with an exciting new mixed-use plan that will attract the very best retailers and restaurants to Goodyear,” said George Getz, Co-CEO of Globe Corporation.

This key plot of land includes approximately 150 acres in a prime location, stretching from I-10 to Encanto Boulevard and 150th Drive to Bullard Avenue. It’s located next to the most popular Harkins Theaters in the state and is what residents have referred to as the “old mall site” – a project that never happened due to the recession and changing market demands.

GSQ will provide a variety of uses, which will shape the evolution of our future downtown. Residents have longed for more restaurants and shopping – and they’ll get it at GSQ. In the middle of the site, Goodyear Way will continue from The Square in front of city hall through the middle of the GSQ site. There will be sit down restaurants, storefront shopping and entertainment all located along an open, walkable, main-street setting. While the exact types of restaurants and venues are still being determined, residents can expect unique concepts to complement the two already announced restaurants at GSQ – The Stillery and a yet-to-be-named “boozy brunch spot” – both overlooking The Square.

The portion of the Goodyear downtown project between I-10 and McDowell Road may feature additional shopping options and will be more automobile focused – including opportunities for auto dealerships.

The look and feel of GSQ will be just as important as what residents can do there. Visitors can expect to see high standards for architecture and landscaping to make this a prime and attractive destination in the city.  Much like Goodyear Civic Square, GSQ is a people first design, that is attractive, welcoming and the place you want to be.

Public art has always been valued in Goodyear, and GSQ will include an art trail that further reinforces Goodyear’s desire to be the arts and culture destination in the West Valley.  There will also be bike paths throughout the area.

People living in the vicinity will be a key part of attracting the types of popular restaurants and shops that residents have been asking for. When businesses decide whether to come to Goodyear, they want to be sure that there will be potential customers in close proximity. The project will include a variety of housing types on the north end, including townhomes and multi-family – creating a truly unique downtown neighborhood and mixed-use district.

In addition, the city of Goodyear and RG Land Partners (Globe Corp. & RED Development) have entered into an amended development agreement to share in the costs for the necessary public infrastructure needed for the project.

In the coming weeks and months, look for more announcements on businesses coming to GSQ with the next phase of development coming soon.

This walkable urban center fulfills the city’s dream of high-quality restaurants, shopping and entertainment, and is an extension of and complimentary to Goodyear Civic Square which opened last August.